Multiple student projects have been presented and awarded at the International Fulldome Festival, Jena, Germany. For a complete list, please go to the ‘Student Accolades’ page.

Thanks to the collaborative support of David Beining @ ARTS Lab, who provided access to the ARTS Lab ‘gdome’ for research / curricula development in the emerging  field of Immersive Fulldome. This course weaves history, theory and practice, teaching students how to create artworks for the dome. Taught in Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Fall 2012, and integrated into the Physical Computing course in Spring 2013 with use of an EEG headset to create a real-time brain-controlled interactive dome artwork.

Received Honorable Mention at the 2010 International Fulldome Festival in Jena, Germany.
Graduate student, Mitchell Marti, uses Processing to generate experimental content. Mouse position yields sound which in turn generate the visuals. The first image is a view of the work in the dome. The second, is a flat 2 dimensional ‘domemaster’ intended for projection in the dome.