Max/MSP/Jitter, Arduino microcontrollers, sensors.

Taught as a two part sequence: Part I in Fall semesters and Part II in Spring semesters. The course integrates history and theory of interactivity and supports research driven projects. Recent iteration of the sequence is design-centric.

Interactive Stairs @ Pearl Hall UNM

A collaborative class assignment to create a site-specific interactive artwork, developing both custom software and electronics. All students worked as a team to select the location, design the response, program components in Max/MSP/Jitter and develop sound + visuals.

Four flights of stairs were turned into a live instrument. Every other step over four flights was rigged with a laser switch. Correlating to each step was a sound and image. Data from 4 computers (1 per flight) was sent via network to a central computer which processed (in real-time) both the sounds and visualization. A projection of the visuals was installed in a central location adjacent to the stairs.